Greater Manchester Darting Association

We play at venues throughout the greater Manchester area and are always looking for new players with varied levels of experience. Team rosters are now open for the 2017/2018 season.


NOTE: Patrick Fagan was left off of the roster of B.A.D. by mistake. This has been rectified. ALSO: The score of the match between the Misfits and "Bulls Deep" reflects a three point penalty for an illegal roster handed down by the Executive Board. Their current roster is up to date.

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Week 6 Highlights

7 HitsAlex Pumiglia
6 HitsPaul Crooks, Bill Ford, Corey Wieliczka
3 CorksMyles Spencer, Brian Savastio, Brian Savastio, Colin Saulnier, Matt Hlasny
140Zak Arel, Rich Vannuccini, Paul Crooks
180Andrew Margelony
Other High Scorers: Brendan Sweeney (129), Mark Arel (125), Todd Bergeron (120), Patrick Fagan (125), Bill Morgan (174), Paul Crooks (121), Bill Ford (120), Andrew Margelony (120)

Results - 10/11/2017

WarthawgsGrady Tavern15-3
Iron SightsZipser Club13-5
DartbagsArmy Navy Club13-5
WCB Keg KillersB.A.D.11-7
World Championship Billiards IIYoung Guns10-8
Zipser Club MisfitsBulls Deep8-7
BATMENArmy Navy II9-9
WCB Red EyesSporty's @BA9-9
Screamin' EaglesWashington Social Club9-9

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Season Highlights

High OnVivian Webber - 146
High OffKevin Downham - 115
T80John Jacko, Andrew Margelony